the Guru in the Wilderness:

If you had asked the young Jon Crocker what he wanted to be when he grew up, he’d have probably said that he wanted to be a pro skateboarder or a park ranger or something.

Recently, I asked myself that question again: what do I want to be when I grow up? Of course, I’m technically “grown up” now (at least in most ways, and I can fake the rest of the ways when I have to), but the question in such a format helps a person to approach it honestly, with a clear head. And my answer? I want to be the guru in the wilderness. I want to be the wise man that is sought out by people with burning questions. I want to be the source of insight that cuts through all of the preconceived notions that clouded one’s journey. I want to drink tea whenever I feel like it, write verses while gazing at the a snow-capped peaks on the other side of the valley, or take a walk through the orchards or down by the river. I mostly want to sit in a thoughtful pose and stroke my beard.

I already do most of these things on a very regular basis, but the balance is slightly off: I stroke my beard too much (if such a thing is possible), but I do not give very much advice (at least not the kind that I’d like to give–“I wouldn’t get any closer to that moose” is lacking in depth). I am working on correcting that balance. If you would like to help by seeking my counsel, please feel free (see the contact page).

I am almost at my goal, but not in the stereotypical way. I do not live in solitude (the rest of my family lives here with me). I do not wear robes (but I do wear my kilt on occasion). I do have electricity (thanks to solar and wind power) and internet. I do not wear sandals (seriously, this is Alaska). And my beard isn’t always long enough to strike awe upon all visitors–it isn’t even completely grey yet. I’m a pretty smart guy, but I haven’t yet mastered answering all questions in Haiku-esque verse. Again, I’m working on it.

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  1. Hey Jon. Stoked for u pal. im sure you remember me (pj) n my twin bro chris. Saying hi and glad u are doing well. I paint and write and make music n films myself stay busy most days. Lmk if u ever wanna give a listen or look at my artings! Still skateboarding too at age 42. Ttyl
    Paul Cote’

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