Instructional Design/Consulting

Having worked in education for over 15 years (and having completed a Master’s degree in Educational Technology), I’ve acquired a number of skills and built up areas of expertise that might be useful to other teachers, school districts, businesses, and organizations. In many cases, I’m only too happy to share for free (as I do when I make presentations at events such as the ASTE conferences). I’m also happy to spend some extra time designing courses, creating lessons, or simply giving advice. To date, I’ve led the creation of an online course (used by UAS; see the overview below, complete with an outdated version of Blackboard) and written a wide variety of social studies lessons (for; this is, of course, in addition to my usual teaching, designing, and presenting.

My preferred projects would have to be in gamification and online course design/development. Currently, I use the Canvas LMS in my own classroom (and have trained colleagues in its use), though I can work with many others.

I can also train teachers and administrators in any of the following:

  • Interactive whiteboard strategies,
  • Screencasting
  • Online tools for synchronous and asynchronous discussion
  • Designing a blended classroom for efficiency
  • Use of geospatial tools for engagement
  • Online lesson/module/course design
  • Digital filmmaking, and integration of computer science across content areas (see the following samples–just a taste):

A sample of course design strategies in Blackboard (not my preferred LMS; also a very outdated version):