Private Instruction

As I become more and more aware of the large number of my neighbors that have personal educational needs (including homeschooling), I want to make myself available to them in the following areas:

Specialty tutoring: As a former translator and Spanish teacher, I can offer Spanish language tutoring for students at all levels (as I have taught at all levels). As an accomplished video producer and recording artist, I can also tutor in digital filmmaking and digital audio recording. Contact for pricing.

Private lessons: Music lessons are available in piano, guitar, voice, composition/songwriting, and theory (though all lessons will contain some music theory as well). Lessons are also available in digital filmmaking and digital audio recording (for those not already taking related electives through their homeschool program). Contact for pricing.

Piano tuning ($40/hour): Local pianos often get out of tune due to dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity. A typical tuning will take two hours to get it in tune; then the piano should be played for about a week before another hour is spent “fine tuning” it.

All services are mobile and can be brought to your home or a convenient meeting place (such as the local library–not recommended for music lessons). I may be able to adjust prices, depending on need.