Meditation on “Moose” Business Names

There are a lot of Alaskan business with “moose” in the name. These business moose are all strange: blue moose, cozy moose, goofy moose, loose moose, cheeky moose, and so on.
Fictional moose. I’ve never seen any moose like those.

I’d rather see businesses named after the moose we actually have:
-Hesitant Moose Lurking by the Highway (a self-help business?)
-Moose That Won’t Get Out of my Driveway (mobile auto repair)
-Mama Moose and Her Cute Babies (salon?)
-Thundering Moose Galloping by my Bedroom Window (courier/UPS)
-Moose that Kicked my Dog (animal control?)
-The Poached Moose (good restaurant name)
-The Roadkill Moose (decent restaurant name)
-Moose Browsing in the Ditch (good name for any tourist trap…bring your camera!)
-Moose That Calls in the Night While I’m on the Way to the Outhouse (massage parlor? Sorry, not interested…)
-Moose That Ate my Garden (vegetarian restaurant)
-Moose Fighting in Public (Alaska Legislature)
-Moose in the Middle of the Trail and Now I Need to Find Another Way to Get Where I’m Going (private security/bouncers)
-Worm-infested Pile of Moose Guts that Lazy Hunters Left Around the Corner from my House and Now My Dogs All Have Worms (also the Alaska Legislature?)

Which moose am I missing?

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